Curtis J Bonk

Blogs, blends, boards, or just a lot of Bonk: one glimpse of the future of online learning

After a decade of significant online instruction, it is imperative to reflect for a moment and forecast where this field is headed. To provide a glimpse of the future of e-learning, this session will detail the results of a large scale survey in 2003-2004 on the future of e-learning in higher education. The higher education survey participants consisted of more than 500 college instructors, administrators, and instructional design staff involved in e-learning. In addition to these interesting findings, Dr Bonk will make his own wizardly predictions about the directions of e-learning during the next decade or two as well as counter various myths surrounding e-learning. Areas highlighted will include emerging technologies (including wearable, wireless, and mobile), blended learning, online course quality, online support structures, instructor training, learning styles, evaluation and assessment, and entrepreneurial relationships.

Dr Bonk will also address questions such as what online learning technologies and tools are emerging to support virtual team collaboration, blogging, assessment, and discussion. What are key technology decisions for online learning in the coming decade? What pedagogical strategies are more effective online? Where will instructor training likely come from? Will online lectures finally give way to student centred instruction? Will demand for online learning increase more for new degree programmes or for certifications and on demand workplace learning? During his wizardly presentation, Bonk will peer into his crystal ball to forecast several important technological and pedagogical trends in higher education as well as future roles for college instructors, technology administrators, and institutions. Administrators, instructors, course designers and online learning evaluators should benefit from this session.

Dr Curtis J Bonk is a former CPA and corporate controller who, after becoming sufficiently bored with that, received his Master’s and PhD degrees in Educational Psychology from the University of Wisconsin. Curt is now a Professor of Educational Psychology as well as Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University (IU). Curt is a founding member of the Center for Research on Learning and Technology at IU and a Senior Research Fellow with the DOD Advanced Distributed Learning Lab. Curt received the Burton Gorman Teaching Award in 1999; the Wilbert Hites Mentoring Award in 2000; the CyberStar Award from the Indiana Information Technology Association in 2002; the Most Outstanding Achievement by an Individual in Higher Education award from the US Distance Learning Association in 2003; and an alumni achievement award from the University of Wisconsin in 2004. In 2003, he also received a State of Indiana award for Innovative Teaching in a Distance Education Program. During the past two years, Dr Bonk has presented over 150 talks ac ross the globe including universities in China, New Zealand, Australia, Korea, Finland, Iceland, and the UAE. He has more than 100 publications on topics such as online learning motivation, the future of e-learning, synchronous and asynchronous computer conferencing, and web based evaluation. Finally, he is President of CourseShare and SurveyShare and can be contacted at or via his homepage at