INDIANA, April 18, 2003
CourseShare, a provider of e-learning training and a developer of collaboration software, is recommending SurveyShare 2.0 which allows users to collaborate in survey creation and data analysis. SurveyShare is a hosted service that is available in Free, Basic, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise membership options. SurveyShare provides more than 110 original survey templates for business, education, government, and general consumer use. SurveyShare allows users to surveys, store respondent information in a personal address book, download results, graph findings, send automated survey reminders, access an item bank of course evaluation questions, and view individual, and aggregate results.

"Collaborative research and assessment is the next phase of online learning," says CourseShare President and Indiana University Professor, Curt Bonk. "By enabling users to collaborate in survey research and course evaluation, participation can be broadened and results can more immediately impact an organization or institution." Bonk, author of the book "Electronic Collaborators," argues that, "Tools for online collaboration will only increase in power and importance in the next few years."

CourseShare has conducted extensive research on the state of e-learning in both corporate and higher education settings (see We are currently using SurveyShare to gather information on the future of e-learning.

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